Intensive preliminary work has been done for The Eskisehir Yunus Emre Sufi Music Festival. In order to encourage diversity, vivacity, and conceptual integrity, a variety of groups from many parts of the world have been considered.

In accordance with the general aims of the Festival, groups including fundamental musical features of "zikir" in their performance and emphasizing the significance of women in Sufi traditions are given priority.

The Art Director of the festival is Dr. Timuçin Çevikoğlu. Feridun Gündeş and Burak Kaynarca are the Assistant Art Directors.

Muammer Eroğlu is the webmaster. İsmet Filizfidanoğlu have designed both the logo and visual materials for the festival. He is also the designer of the booklet, invitation, poster, and billboard applications.

Feridun Gündeş handles communications with the invited groups.

The texts in the visual and textual publications of the festival are prepared and by Feridun Gündeş and Gevher E. Çevikoğlu.

Saba Sohail, Azim Eskandarian, Sarah Tatz and Hassan Bouaida made valuable contributions for the preparation of the texts and communications with the artists.

Halil İbrahim Güneş is the director of the technical crew whose focus is audio-visual recording, editing, and montage.