Eskişehir has been home to many cultures since the dawn of human history. It was also the city of the great Sufi poet Yunus Emre, one of the founders of Anatolian Sufism along with two other contemporary figures, Mevlana Jelaladdin Rumi and Haci Bektash. Eskişehir is now preparing to make a unique contribution to the world culture.

The Eskişehir Yunus Emre Sufi Music Festival, which will take place this year for the first time, is part of the Eskişehir International Yunus Emre Culture and Art Week. This festival will showcase Sufi musical traditions from various parts of the world.

This festival, sponsored by the Governorship of Eskşsehir, will take place during the week of May 2-7. Groups from Morocco, Mayotte, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, and Turkey will perform. The concerts will be held in the Eskişehir Osman Gazi University Culture Center Music Halls, are free of charge, and are open to the public.

The Yunus Emre Sufi Music Festival aims to introduce Sufi musical traditions and to implement mutual understanding and interaction between Muslim communities to the fullest level. Additionally, this festival seeks to emphasize the unparalleled diversity Sufi traditions gained through cultural cross-pollination with local cultures in various regions throughout history. In this first year of the Festival, it is also intended to emphasize musicality of "zikir" tradition as a vocal art form and stress on the significance of women in Sufi traditions.

This event was prepared with the ambition and hope that it will continue as a reputable festival in the future.

Eskişehir Yunus Emre Sufi Music Festival Organization Committee

  • Mehmet Kılıçlar (Governor of Eskişehir, Head of Eskişehir Yunus Emre Foundation for Culture, Art and Tourism)
  • Nurullah Naci Kalkancı (Deputy Governor)
  • Soner Şenel (Mahmudiye Provincial Governor, Director of Eskişehir Yunus Emre Foundation for Culture, Art and Tourism)
  • Ali Osman Gül (Director, Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism)
  • Dr. Timuçin Çevikoğlu (Ministry of Culture Artist, Festival Artistic Director)